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About Us


Founded in 2008, Italia per Passione is an Italian cultural and linguistic centre in the heart of Brussels. 

News 2021
Our motto


... is flexibility! 

You can join a course at your level throughout the whole year.

New trimester
April - June 2021!
Travel or Erasmus
to Italy?

Are you going for an Erasmus experience in Italy or are you planning a vacation?

Italia per passione can offer you intensive classes to improve your Italian and be ready to pack! 

Enlarge your vocabulary
and range of expressions 



Join our conversation tables to improve your communicative skills!

Choose the group that fits you best. For intermediate and advanced level.

With the Prezzemolo Card you can choose 10 lessons/meetings among
language courses (starting from b1 level) and 
cultural courses.

Validity of the card:
6 months

ITALIA PER PASSIONE - Centro di lingua e cultura italiana
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