Our Teachers

The unique Team of Italia per Passione!

Chiara Nannicini

Chiara Nannicini was born in Milan.

After her studies in Italian Literature she obtained a PhD in comparative literatures at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University of Paris. She has lectured on the Italian language, literature and culture at the Universities of  Paris 3, Paris 12, Caen, Lille 3 and Namur. Currently, she is a professor of Italian literature at the University Saint-Louis in (Brussels) and at the University of Ghent. She speaks French, English, German and Dutch.  


She founded Italia Per Passione in 2008. She is now the director of the school, where she teaches language and culture at advanced level.  

Francesco Radicci

Francesco Radicci was born in Bari (Apulia).

In Italy he gained his degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and he worked as a journalist from 2006 to 2011. At the end of 2011 Francesco moved to Brussels, where he now works as an Italian teacher in several schools. He speaks French and English and he is passionate about music and the history of the 20th Century. 

He has been working at Italia Per Passione since 2012. He teaches language courses (all levels, from beginners to advanced students) and leads conversation tables. He also gives courses about Italian history and politics. 


Veronica De Giovanelli

Veronica De Giovanelli was born in Trento, and grown up in a little village in the Dolomiti’s area.

She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, where she graduated with merit with a master’s degree in Painting in 2015, after attending a MA Fine Arts Research and Development at the Middlesex University of London (Erasmus+). She is a professional visual artist, she has been exhibiting around Europe since 2011 and she won several prestigious art prizes.

Since she was an exchange student in Finland at the age of 17, she became interested in different learning/teaching approaches. That’s why during and after her studies she organized art workshops for children and adults, as well as taught art class in Primary Schools in Italy.

She moved to Brussels in 2016 and worked for many schools, where she was leading art workshops for children, in Italian, English and French. 

At Italia Per Passione she is responsable for the workshops for children as well as the art workshops and of the courses for beginners.

Roberta Mangano 

Roberta comes from Luino, a little village in the North of Italy. 

Passionate about foreign cultures, she studied Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Milan and at the University College of Dublin. Then, she enrolled in a didactic Master for teaching Italian as a foreign language. At the same time, Roberta achieved her Bachelor Degree in guitar at the Conservatory G. Puccini of Gallarate and her Master Degree at the Koninklijk Conservatorium of Brussels with honors. She is now enrolled at the Musicology Faculty of Cremona. 

Over the years Roberta has lived in Italy, Australia, Belgium and Spain where she has worked as a teacher of music and of Italian language and culture. She loves sharing her passion for literature and music with crossover courses, seminars and performances.  

She speaks French, English, Spanish and Catalan.


At Italia per Passione she is responsible for the history of music workshops, the music courses and the language courses for adults.



Ndiaya Dia

Ndiaya Dia was born in Dakar but grew up in Udine (Friuli- Venezia Giulia).

Considering her bicultural identity, she has always been in love with languages. In order to follow this passion, she graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Udine. Her studies gave her the possibility to deepen her linguistic skills, also thanks to the Erasmus+ programme that she carried out at the University of Jean-Jaurès in Toulouse.

During her studies, she worked as children animator and as volunteer with an association based in Udine, where she had the possibility to teach Italian to foreigners.

Her interest in travelling and in discovering new cultures brought her to Brussels, where she started to attend a master’s degree in International Cooperation and Development at the ULB.

Ndiaya speaks French, Spanish, English and Wolof.


At Italia per Passione she provides language classes to children and adults.

foto Alessandra.jpg

Alessandra Maistro

Born in Florence and raised in Lombardy, she has always had two passions: the Italian language and dance. She carries on these two passions together doing classical studies and professional artistic studies. She graduated in Literature in Milan with a thesis on the language of Manzoni’s Betrothed. She decided then to undertake a specific course of study to become a teacher of Italian as a foreign language, obtaining a master's degree in Linguistics and didactics of Italian for foreigners at the University for Foreigners of Siena. She has experience as a teacher of Italian for foreign adults in Italy and for adults and children at the Dante Alighieri Society in Luxembourg. As a dance teacher, she has five years experience as a contemporary and modern dance teacher for all age groups, from children to adults.


At Italia per passione, she currently teaches Italian and dance.

External Staff

Vittoria foto.JPG

Vittoria Papa Malatesta

Vittoria Papa Malatesta is an art historian.

Before her coming in Belgium, she has been teaching for few years Art History at the University of Napoli ‘L’Orientale’, the ‘Suor Orsola Benincas’, and at the University of Salerno. 

She studied History of Art in Naples at the ‘Federico II’ University, where she also obtained a PhD. 

Her work is focused on art from the Middle Ages to the Modern Ages in Europe, and on art criticism; her researches concern especially the historical-artistic relations between Italy, France and Flandres. 

When she doesn’t pay attention on a framework or on a fresco, she has eyes only for her children, who are a real….“masterpiece”!

At Italia per Passione she is the responsible for the workshop of Art History.

Rosanna Gangemi

Rosanna Gangemi grew up in the province of Messina but was born in Turin, she studied in Rome and then in Lille, and later she undertook a double doctorate in literature and philosophy in both Paris and Brussels, where she currently lives and which she is no longer able to do without. She enlivens university conversation tables in Italian language and occasionally she chairs workshops for children on art and its reasons at the Université des Enfants.

Between 2004 and 2015 she co-directed the contemporary art magazine DROME magazine, touring the length and breadth of Europe and curating cultural and artistic events. Then she taught theory of images and visual arts at the Université Paris- Est Marne-la-Vallée, and subsequently she undertook a collaboration with Iselp, where she still regularly holds aesthetics conferences.

Rosanna has an unconditional love for Italian poetry of the last century and the current one, but also for cats.


At Italia per Passione she holds language courses, conversation courses, in-depth courses.


Marina Giorgini

Marina Giorgini was born in Florence, she is a fiorentina doc.

After graduating at the University of Roma Tre in History of Art, she obtained a PhD in Instruments and Methods for the History of Art, with a thesis on Růžena Zátková. On this subject she published essays and held conferences.

Her researches focus especially on early 1900s, the avant-garde period, with particular emphasis on Italian futurism and its relationships with other cooccurring movements.

Meanwhile, she gave courses of Italian language to foreign students. For them she organized guided tours in the places less touched by the mass tousirm vagues.

Thanks to continuos training and cultural/didactic visits in Rome and Tuscany, she achieved an excellent knowledge of artistic heritage, from archeology to contemporary art. She holds seminars all over Europe.​

She collaborates with Italia per Passione for the archeology courses and for the didactic travels to Rome and Florence. 

Raimondo Cadoni

Raimondo was born in Bosa, Sardinia.

His passion for foreign languages took him to Pisa to study European literatures and languages. After his bachelor's degree he discovered his passion for teaching and started to work as an Italian and English teacher in a local school. He also worked as a football referee in the biggest sport center in Pisa where he acted as a supervisor and trainer of referees. Fascinated by his experience as a volunteer in a School of Italian language for migrants and refugees, he decided to deepen his knowledge of teaching techniques and Italian linguistics, leading to a master's degree in linguistics with a final dissertation on Italian language teaching for foreigners. In 2016, after studying at the ULB he decided to move permanently to Brussels. A music lover, he plays bass guitar; he loves horse riding, cooking and travelling. He speaks English, French and Spanish.


He has taught at Italia Per Passione for many years. Now, he sometimes gives seminars about his beloved Sardinia. 


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Maddalena Narducci

Maddalena was born in Cesena, in Emilia-Romagna.

After her high school graduation in foreign languages, she moved for Toulouse, where she stayed for a year as an au pair for a French family. In 2016 she moved to Brussels and enrolled in the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. During her studies she continued to cultivate her interest in photography, long walks and languages, giving private courses in Italian and French. The Erasmus in Alicante (Spain) represents to her once again a way to confront a new culture and question reality. Back in Brussels she enrolled in the Master of Linguistics at ULB and does voluntary work for the association La Voix des Sans-Papiers. Maddalena speaks Italian, French, Spanish and English. She is currently learning Modern Greek.


She collaborates with Italia per Passione in courses for youngsters.