Do you want to improve your artistic, literature and cinematographic knowledge?

That’s why we created the Cultural Courses!

Every course is accessible with the Prezzemolo card*.

Starting from January 2022

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In viaggio con Rutilio 
News coming in!
A cultural course designed to explore the world of history and archaeology. 

Starting from 31th January. 
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Letteratura Italiana dell'Ottocento

From January, a new course on the literature of Romanticism is on the horizon, in which students will be invited to read in Italian and in translation the prose and verse texts of the great nineteenth-century writers, then discuss them together in class and discover detailed information about the author. 

Storia dell'Arte

Da febbraio comincerà con Vittoria il percorso cronologico di storia dell'arte italiana. Cominciando dall'arte antica del XIII° secolo, Vittoria getterà le basi dell'evoluzione artistica, pittorica e scultorea, per capire meglio la rivoluzione dell'Umanesimo-Rinascimento e fornire ai suoi alunni un approccio storico-critico alla storia dell'arte. 

Starting from September 2021

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Grandi Eventi del 900

Francesco proposes for Friday afternoon the course "Great events of the 20th century" which will deal with Italian civilisation, history and current affairs. 

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Storia dell'Arte

Vittoria awaits you on Monday evenings for the chronological art history course (places limited to 12).

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Il Significato e i Simboli nelle Arti Visive 

Vittoria organises the new course "The meaning and symbols in art",
which will be held every Wednesday morning, opening up new perspectives on symbology and artistic semiotics.

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Art's Atelier in Italian

An artistic drawing and painting laboratory, not only theoretical but also practical. Hand to the brushes!

Course of 2h30, 45 € material included

*Prezzemolo Card allows you to follow 10 courses of your choice (language courses starting from B1) at 200€ usable in 6 months.