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Cultural Courses

Do you want to improve your artistic, literature and cinematographic knowledge?

That’s why we created the Cultural Courses!

Every course is accessible with the Prezzemolo card*.

Starting from September 2022

Corso di civiltà italiana

THURSDAY 15:30-17:00  


From January the course of Italian civilization will begin with Chiara, to discover history, literature, politics and philosophy. Don't miss it!

Storia della musica

SATURDAY 14:00-16:00 aula GENOVA 


Three appointments to learn about Mozart's travels in Italy and his first works commissioned in Milan: Mitridate Re di Ponto, Ascanio in Alba and Lucio Silla.

Itinerario di archeologia e letteratura
THURSDAY 17:30-19:00 aula GENOVA 


From February, Elena will accompany you in a historic journey between archeology and literature. Don't miss it!

Storia dell'Arte

FRIDAY 17:00-18:30 aula GENOVA 


From September, the path of the history of Italian art around futurism will begin with Vittoria. Don't miss it!

La famiglia
Corso di Cinema

THURSDAY 18:00-19:30 aula GENOVA 


*Prezzemolo Card allows you to follow 10 courses of your choice (language courses starting from C1) at 215€ usable in 6 months.

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