Learn Italian for children!

Would you like your child to speak Italian?

If you would like to increase your child's exposure to the Italian language, they can join our workshops (from 3 to 7 years old).

We also offer courses of Italian as a foreign language for beginners (from 7 years old) and classes for Italian-speaking children to learn how to read and write in Italian, along with music and art courses.

More info: bambini@italiaperpassione.com


3-5 years old

Language immersion

Saturday 10:00-11:20



per trimester


3-5 years old

Language Immersion

Wednesday 16:00-17:20



6/7 years old

Language Immersion

Saturday 11:30-12:50



6/7 years old

Reading, writing (primary school)

Friday 17:00-18:20 (Alessandra)

8/9 years old

Reading, writing (primary school)

Friday 17:00-18:20 (Maddalena)


8-9+ years old

Italian as a foreign language

Saturday 15:00-16:20
On demand


Italia Mia 

14/16+ years old

Approfondimento culturale (età liceo)

Monday 17:00-18:20 (Giulia)


Individual Courses

30€ per hour

On demand 


CALENDARIO ANNUALE Stages per bambini.png
Holiday camps for kids

40€ per day / 170€ per week


Click on the image to download the calendar.


A4 Locandine 2021 pt 2(4).png
2-5 November 2021 
09:00 - 17:00, with the option to start half an hour before (8:30) or to finish half an hour later (17:30) with an extra charge of 5€.

The cost is 150 € including TVA.

The stage includes recreational-creative activities for children aged 3 years and over (songs, bricolage, tales for children etc.). During the afternoon, weather permitting, visits at the park of Musée des enfants are scheduled. The goal is to make the children have fun and be immersed in Italian language (it’s not a problem if they don’t speak Italian at all). The children will have to bring with them lunch from home and a water bottle and the school will provide them a snack consisting of fruits and biscuits.
Giochiamo con i quattro elementi
30-31 August 2021 
The cost is 80 € including TVA.



Mille e una storia
from 23 to 27 August 2021  09:00 - 17:00
Many stories with our Alessandra! The cost is 170 € including TVA.