Italia per Passione offers a variety of study options at all levels, from beginner to advanced, from private tutoring  to  group lessons.

Prices vary based on the course’s length and size. 

Language courses | 1 lesson per week | Trimester
22hours and half 

PRICE: €250

Intensive Language Courses | 1 lesson per week | Trimester
36 hours

PRICE: €390 

Conversation Table | 1 meeting per week
12 meetings
PRICE: €110
Cultural Courses | 1 meeting per week 
22 hours and a half
PRICE: €260
Book Courses
PRICE: €10/1hr
Cooking Classes

Course and lunch

PRICE: €50
Art Classes
Materials included
PRICE: €45/2hr 30min
Music Classes
PRICE: €40/1hr 1person, 60€/1hr 2 persons
Prezzemolo Card |10 classes of your choice

Validity period: 6 months

PRICE: 180
Individual courses | Private Tutoring
One hour course at school, one on one with the teacher
PRICE: €35/1hr 
Children courses | 1 workshop per week | Trimester
Group courses for every age
PRICE: €170
Art courses for children| 1 workshop per week | Trimester
PRICE: €150
Music courses for children
PRICE: €20/30min

Italia per Passione

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